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5 in 1 screen & Airpods cleaner

5 in 1 screen & Airpods cleaner

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When was the last time you cleaned your phone or airpods?

Are your screen or airpods often dirty, but you never have anything with you to clean them? We have found the solution to this problem, because with the 5 in 1 cleaning kit from RAUN, dirty equipment is a problem of the past!


  • Keep you phone and airpods clean
  • Small and portable device
  • Never have the issue of airpods not charging because of a dirty case again!
  • Reusable and washable device
  • Eliminate bacteria on your devices
  • Improve audio quality by keeping Airpods' speakers clean
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Suitable for device type: Desktop, Wireless earphones, E-reader, Laptop*, Smartphone and Tablet.

Weight: 34 grams
Package width: 55 mm
Package height: 28 mm
Package length: 115 mm

*With exception of Apple Macbooks. Apple advices to clean Macbooks with water instead of a screen cleaner.